New Jersey Child Labor laws & compensation compliance analysis

New Jersey Child Labor: What you need to know

In New Jersey, workers under the age of 18 are considered minors for purposes of employment. During the school year, for most occupations, a worker must be at least age 16 in order to work in New Jersey. The exceptions are agricultural workers, newspaper carriers, domestic workers, golf caddies, and baggers and cashiers in retail stores. Restrictions on minors do not apply to those working as apprentices or student learners in vocational education programs, School to Work programs, and junior achievement programs.
In most cases both federal and state laws apply to child labor--and if there is a conflict, the stricter law applies (NJ Rev. Stat. Sec. 34:2-21.1et seq.).
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Minors under 18. Minors under age 18 may not prepare, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages or anything that is hazardous or injurious to their health, safety, or welfare. They may not work in the following occupations: activities involving indecent exposure; nude dancing; in adult book stores or massage parlors; with explosives or flammable substances; in the manufacture or packing of paints, colors, or white or red lead; handling poisonous acids, dyes, or toxic or noxious dust, gases, vapors, or fumes; in occupations involving exposure to benzol or radioactive substances; in occupations requiring the use of power-driven machinery; in mines or quarries; at construction of any kind; transporting payrolls other than within the employer's premises; at shipbuilding; working with ore; on cutting machines with a guillotine action; with corrugating, crimping, or embossing or paper lace machines; with mixing machines in bakeries; with centrifugal extractors or mangles in laundries; in smelting, hot rolling mills, foundries, ...

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