Pennsylvania Hours of Work laws & compensation compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Hours of Work: What you need to know

Employers must pay employees 1 1 / 2 times their rate of pay after working 40 hours per week (PA Code Tit. 43 Sec. 333.104).
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Pennsylvania restricts the number of hours that minors may work.
Note: Pennsylvania's child labor laws are quite specific as to permitted working hours for all minors and provide exemptions for various occupations. Anyone intending to employ minors during unusual hours or for lengthy workdays should consult the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.
Agriculture. Seasonal farmworkers may not be employed for more than a total of 10 hours a day, or 6 days a week, or 48 hours a week, including when they work for more than one employer. In addition, no seasonal farm worker may be employed for more than 5 continuous hours without an unpaid meal or rest period of at least 30 minutes (PA Stat. Tit. 43 Sec. 1301.207).
Mining. Hoisting engineers in anthracite coal mines may not work more than 8 hours within a 24-hour period (PA Stat. Tit. 52 Sec. 70.815).
Compressed air. Maximum hours for employees working in compressed air vary to a maximum of 8 within a 24-hour period, depending upon the amount of air pressure they are working under (PA Stat. Tit. 43 Sec. 450).
Movie theaters. All movie theater employees are entitled to at least one full day (24 consecutive hours) of rest each week (PA Stat. Tit. 43 Sec. 481).

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