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Arkansas Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart.
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Several workers and industries are exempt from the minimum wage provisions of the Arkansas law, including (AR Code Sec. 11-4-201et seq.):
• Any individual employed in a bona fide executive, administrative, or professional capacity, or as an outside salesperson paid by commission
• Students working at a school, college, or university in which they are enrolled and attending classes
• Bona fide independent contractors
• Workers who are volunteers at educational, charitable, or nonprofit organizations
• Parents, spouse, child, or other immediate family member of an agricultural worker's immediate family
• Most agricultural workers
• Employees engaged in production of livestock
• Employees of small forestry and lumber operations (8 employees or less)
• A publisher of a newspaper with a circulation of less than 4,000, and newspaper carriers
• Federal employees
• Babysitters, domestic servants, and companionship care providers
• Homeworkers engaged in harvesting evergreens or making wreaths
• Individuals employed by nonprofit educational or recreational camps that do not operate for more than 7 months per calendar year
There is additional information about exemptions under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
The state Labor Board may issue special certificates allowing employment at wages below the minimum for learners, apprentices, handicapped workers, and full-time students. Full-time students working 20 hours or less during school, or 40 hours or less when school is out, may be paid 85 percent of the minimum wage.
Employers that have employees in jobs that customarily ...

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