Idaho Minimum Wage laws & compensation compliance analysis

Idaho Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart. Under Idaho law, no political subdivision of the state may create by ordinance or some other action a minimum wage that is higher than the state minimum wage.
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Several occupations and industries are exempt from Idaho's minimum wage provisions, including (ID Code Sec. 44-1502):
• Most agricultural workers
• Domestic workers
• Government workers
• Officers and agents of labor organizations
• Seasonal employees of nonprofit camps
• Minors under the age of 16 working part time at odd jobs not exceeding a total of 4 hours per day with any one employer
• Bona fide administrative, executive, and professional employees
• Bona fide outside salespeople
The state director of Commerce and Labor may issue special certificates allowing employment at wages below the minimum for learners, apprentices, and workers with disabilities (ID Code Sec. 44-1505et seq.).
Employees under the age of 20 may be paid $4.25 for the first 90 days of employment. Employers may not displace or reduce the hours of existing employees in order to hire anyone at the opportunity wage rate (ID Code Sec. 44-1502).
Wages paid to any employee include the reasonable cost of board, lodging, and other facilities, if they are customarily provided by the employer and used by the employee (ID Code Sec. 44-1503).
Idaho employers must post the provisions of the state minimum wage law in a conspicuous location in the workplace. A poster that satisfies this requirement is available free of charge from:
Idaho Commerce and ...

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