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Maryland Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart.
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Occupations and industries that are exempt from the minimum wage provisions of the Maryland law include (MD Labor and Emp. Code Sec. 3-403):
• Employees of restaurants and similar food service establishments with annual sales of less than $250,000
• Volunteers
• Workers in indoor and outdoor movie theaters
• Canners and processors of fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, or horticultural goods
• Employees under the age of 16, working no more than 20 hours per week
• Employees at least the age of 62, working no more than 25 hours per week
• Day camp personnel
• Close relatives of the employer
• Special education students enrolled in public school training programs.
• Agricultural employees on farms that use less than 500 agricultural-worker days of labor per year
• Livestock production employees
• Certain hand-harvest laborers paid on a “piecework” basis
• Outside salespeople and others compensated on commission basis
• Bona fide executive, administrative, and professional employees
There is additional information about exemptions from minimum wage requirements.
With the approval of the Commission of Labor, learners and apprentices may be paid 80 percent of the state minimum wage (MD Labor and Emp. Code Sec. 3-410).
Students with disabilities who are employed as part of the training in a special education program for emotionally, mentally, or physically handicapped students under a public school system are exempt from the minimum wage requirements (MD Labor and Emp. Code Sec. 3-403).
Covered employers must post the Maryland Wage and ...

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