Missouri Minimum Wage laws & compensation compliance analysis

Missouri Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart.
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The following occupational categories are not covered by the state minimum wage law (MO Rev. Stat. Sec. 290.500):
• Executive, administrative, and professional employees
• Agricultural workers
• People doing volunteer work for nonprofit organizations
• Foster parents
• Certain government employees
• Individual receiving the minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act
• Certain individuals covered by the Interstate Commerce Act
• Seasonal employees of day camps and nonprofit educational conference centers
• Students working for an educational organization in return for tuition, housing, or other education expenses
• People working in or around a private residence who put in less than six hours per shift
• Individuals with disabilities employed in sheltered workshops
• Casual domestic help, babysitters, golf caddies, and newspaper carriers
• Companions for the elderly or disabled
• People who are paid commissions and whose activities are not substantially controlled by an employer
• Individuals employed in retail and service establishments that gross less than $500,000 per year
• Jail and prison inmates
• Employees of local newspapers with a circulation of less than 4,000
People whose earning capacity is impaired by physical or mental deficiency may be paid a wage below the statutory minimum, but state labor authorities must approve any such rate. An individual with a disability whose production level is roughly equal to that of employees who are not disabled must be paid the minimum wage (MO Rev. Stat. Sec. 290.515).
Under state law, learners and ...

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