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New Hampshire Minimum Wage: What you need to know

You can find your state and local minimum wage rates and tip credit laws in the Minimum Wage Chart.
Tips. Effective September 3, 2017, S.B. 37 allows tipped employees to pool their tips and share them with coworkers who don’t receive tips. However, employers may not require employees to participate in a tip-sharing arrangement; such an arrangement must be entered into voluntarily and “without coercion.”
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Several occupations and industries are exempt from New Hampshire's minimum wage provisions, including (NH Rev. Stat. Sec. 279:21):
• Farm labor
• Outside salespeople
• Household or domestic help
• Children working for their parents, grandparents, or guardians
• Employees of children's summer camps
• Newspaper carriers
• Nonprofessional ski patrol personnel
• Golf caddies
• Independent contractors who meet specific state law requirements
The labor commissioner may issue special certificates allowing employment at wages below the minimum as follows:
• Workers under the age of 16 may receive no less than 75 percent of minimum wage.
• Workers with less than 6 months of experience in an occupation may be paid 75 percent of minimum wage, provided the employer has filed an application with the labor commissioner within the first 10 days of employment.
• Students in work-study programs.
• Workers whose earning capacity is impaired by age, physical, or mental deficiency.
Employers that operate a hotel, motel, cabin, tourist home, or restaurant are permitted to credit the cost of meals or lodging provided to employees, with limits.
New Hampshire employers must post the provisions of the state minimum wage law in a conspicuous location in the ...

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