Wisconsin Wage and Hour Investigations laws & compensation compliance analysis

Wisconsin Wage and Hour Investigations: What you need to know

Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development may enter any place of employment or public building to investigate wage and hour issues and to bring to the employer's attention any noncompliance with wage and hour laws. Employers must furnish requested information and provide specific answers to all questions related to the investigation (WI Gen. Stat. Sec. 103.005).
Failure to cooperate. Employers and/or their employees who do not cooperate with the Department will be fined for each offense.
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Employment of minors. The Department may visit and inspect, at all reasonable times, businesses that employ minors. Any employer that hinders or delays the Department's investigation efforts or who refuses to admit the Department may be fined, imprisoned, or both (WI Gen. Stat. Sec. 103.82). Employers that employ minors in violation of hours of work provisions face additional penalties. In addition to the wages paid, violators must pay an amount equal to twice the regular rate of pay for all hours worked in violation per day or per week, whichever is greater (WI Gen. Stat. Sec. 103.82).
Migrant labor contractors. The Department may investigate wage and hour complaints at migrant labor camps. During reasonable daylight hours, and after notifying the employer or person in charge, the Department may enter and inspect any premises, inspect the records and make transcriptions of them, question people, and investigate facts and practices to determine whether the employer is in violation (WI Gen. Stat. Sec. 103.905).
Payroll audits. If the Department finds that a wage claim is valid, the Department may instruct the employer to audit its payroll records to determine whether the employer is liable for other similar wage ...

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