Connecticut Disability Insurance laws & compensation compliance analysis

Connecticut Disability Insurance: What you need to know

Disability insurance pays wage replacement benefits to employees who are not working due to non-job-related accidents or illnesses. (Workers' compensation covers job-related injuries.) It also provides coverage for employees who may not be eligible for workers' compensation, or it may supplement workers' compensation.
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A few states have laws that require employers to provide disability insurance, but Connecticut is not among them. Connecticut employers may provide such insurance, but they are not required to do so. State law may require specific provisions in a group disability policy sold by insurers in Connecticut.
Restriction on offset provisos. Group disability policies may not contain an offset proviso (CT Stat. Sec. 38a-519). An "offset proviso" is any provision of an insurance policy that allows the insurer to reduce its liability for loss or expense from sickness or from bodily injury of the insured by reason of any cost-of-living increase in disability benefits that occurs after the date a claim commences under the policy.
Notice of permitted offsets. If a group long-term disability policy is delivered that contains an offset, the insurer must disclose to a policyholder in a separate document and in a conspicuous manner in not less than 14-point boldfaced type:
• That the policy contains an offset;
• That such offset will function to limit payments to an insured under the policy, taking into account Social Security disability benefits and other benefits the insured may receive;
• Other categories of benefits the policy will offset;
• The percentage of income the policy covers and the maximum dollar limit of the policy, if applicable; and
• At least one example showing how such offset ...

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