Idaho Notices (Posting) laws & compensation compliance analysis

Idaho Notices (Posting): What you need to know

Idaho requires that employers post a number of notices in the workplace informing employees of their rights and obligations under certain employment laws. The posters must be placed conspicuously, permanently, and in enough places to be easily seen by employees as they enter and exit the facility.
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Wage and hour. Employers must conspicuously post a summary of the minimum wage law in the workplace, which can be obtained from the Idaho Department of Labor (DOL).
At the time of hire, employers must notify employees of the rate of pay and usual day of payment. Additionally, employers must give notice of any reduction in wages before the work is performed. Information on rate of pay and notice of reduction of wages must be provided in writing, if requested by the employee. Employers engaged in operating mines, tunnels, repairing structures, and constructing canals or aqueducts must post the time and place of payment, the name and office address of the employer, the employer's status (i.e., owner, agent, lessee), and an accounting of mortgages and liens on the property (ID Code Sec. 44-1507, Sec. 45-610, Sec. 44-501).
Discrimination. Employers must post the Idaho Law Prohibits Discrimination poster, which can be obtained from the Idaho DOL.
Employee leasing. Professional employers (as that term is defined by the statute) must give written notice of the general nature of the contractual relationship between it and a client company to which workers are assigned. This requirement can be met by posting a notice in the workplace (ID Code Sec. 44-2405).
E-Verify. State law requires certain employers to register and participate in the federal E-Verify work authorization program. Upon completion ...

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