Iowa Records laws & compensation compliance analysis

Iowa Records: What you need to know

The information provided here highlights some of the more important recordkeeping requirements that apply to most employers in Iowa, regardless of industry. There may be other state recordkeeping requirements that are specific to certain businesses or industries. In addition, there are many federal statutes that require employers to keep certain records related to employment. There is additional information on federal recordkeeping requirements.
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Covered employers. All employers with employees under 16 years of age.
Required. Work permits for workers under the age of 16 and a list of names and ages of minors under the age of 16 should be kept on file. Also, certificates of age must be issued for workers 16 and 17 years of age and for those aged 18 and over upon the prospective employer's request.
To be retained. Records must be retained during the minor employee's employment (IA Code Sec. 92.10).
Covered employers. All employers are subject to the recordkeeping requirements.
Required. Whenever a complaint or notice of investigation is served on an employer, all records “relevant to the investigation,” concerning that person and all other employees or applicants similarly situated, must be maintained. This includes applications, test papers, personnel records, and any other books, papers, or records of any form concerning the complainant and all other employees or applicants similarly situated
To be retained. Records must be retained until final disposition of the complaint or investigation (161 IA Admin. Code 3.7(216))
Covered employers. All employers.
Required. Employers must maintain a log, summary, and ...

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