Alabama Jury Duty/ Court Appearance laws & compensation compliance analysis

Alabama Jury Duty/ Court Appearance: What you need to know

Jury duty. Alabama law requires an employer to give time off, with pay, to any full-time employee who is summoned for jury duty, provided the employee shows his or her supervisor the summons.
Furthermore, it is illegal to discharge or take an adverse employment action against an employee because he or she serves as a juror, provided the employee returns to work on his or her next regularly scheduled working hour after being dismissed from jury duty.
Employers that violate this provision may be ordered to pay compensatory and punitive damages (AL Code Sec. 12-16-8.1).
An employer may not require or request that an employee use annual, vacation, unpaid leave, or sick leave for time spent responding to a summons for jury duty, participating in the jury selection process, or actually serving on a jury.
Excusal/postponement. An employee’s service may be rescheduled or postponed if he or she is an employee of an employer with five or fewer full-time employees, or their equivalent, if another employee of that employer has also been summoned to appear during the same period (AL Code Sec. 12-16-8).
Witness service. There is currently no state law addressing absences for witness service.
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Private employers. Under state law, full-time employees on jury duty must be paid their usual compensation, less any amount received as juror's fees. However, deduction is not allowed for any amount received from court as an expense allowance (Attorney General Opinion, February 23, 1979).
State employers. State employers must grant paid leave to employees on jury duty. When a state law enforcement officer or other state employee must appear in court as a witness in his or her official capacity, that attendance is considered ...

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