Colorado Jury Duty/ Court Appearance laws & compensation compliance analysis

Colorado Jury Duty/ Court Appearance: What you need to know

Jury duty. An employer may not discharge, threaten, or otherwise discriminate against an employee because he or she is called to serve as a juror. In addition, employers may not interfere with an employee's performance of jury duty.
Employers that violate this provision are subject to damages and injunctive relief. Those who willfully violate the law may be ordered to pay treble damages and attorneys' fees and may face criminal prosecution (CO Rev. Stat. Sec. 13-71-134).
Court appearance. An employer may not discharge or discipline a victim or employee who is a member of a victim's immediate family for honoring a subpoena to testify in a criminal proceeding or for participating in the preparation of a criminal proceeding (CO Rev. Stat. Sec. 24-4.1-303(8)).
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Private employers. An employer must pay a regularly employed worker his or her regular wages, up to $50 a day, for the first 3 days of service on a trial or grand jury.
Employers may pay their employees more.
A court may excuse an employer from paying these wages if it would cause financial hardship (CO Rev. Stat. Sec. 13-71-126, Sec. 13-71-127).
If an employer fails to pay the employee after 30 days, the employee may file a civil action and be awarded treble damages and attorneys' fees upon a finding of willful misconduct by the employer. An employer that was not excused under the financial hardship provision will not be able to claim financial hardship as a defense to the civil action (CO Rev. Stat. Sec. 13-71-133).
State employers. Under state Personnel Department rules, a permanent state employee must be given paid time off for jury duty.
Temporary employees may be granted up to 3 days of paid jury duty leave.
Employees may keep any jury fees ...

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