Nevada Sick Leave laws & compensation compliance analysis

Nevada Sick Leave: What you need to know

There is no Nevada law that requires private sector employers to provide employees paid or unpaid sick leave, although many employers do grant it as an important benefit.
It is important to remember, however, that if sick leave is promised, an employer may create a legal obligation to grant it. Employers should regularly review statements made in handbooks or elsewhere to ensure that they accurately reflect current policies. If changes are necessary, the policy should be revised and employees notified of the changes.
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Under Nevada law, state employees receive paid sick leave for each month worked per year, which may accumulate from year to year.
After accumulating 90 days, an employee may carry forward only one-half of the accrued days for that year. If an employee has a long-term or chronic illness and has no more sick leave available, the Department of Personnel may authorize use of leave that has accrued but that has not been carried forward (NV Rev. Stat. Sec. 284.355).
Note: BLR® provides comprehensive employment law coverage at the federal and state levels. However, businesses may be subject to additional requirements at the local (city, county, and municipal) level.
For select cities, BLR will provide a brief overview of these requirements.
If your locality is not listed below or if you require further guidance on a law that is listed, we recommend contacting the area chamber of commerce or the appropriate local enforcement, executive, or legislative body (e.g., city council, city labor board, mayor's office).
Where a conflict exists between laws, employers should follow the law granting the most generous employee benefit.

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