Florida Deductions From Pay laws & compensation compliance analysis

Florida Deductions From Pay: What you need to know

Florida has no general law covering deductions from pay by private employers. However, employers must comply with the federal rules related to deductions from pay. More information is available.
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Deductions required by law include federal, state, and local income tax withholding, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax withholding, and court-ordered garnishments or other deductions. There is additional information on garnishments.
Public employers. Under Florida law, the state, towns, and counties may authorize and make deductions from an employee's wages if the employee authorizes the deductions (FL Stat. Sec. 112.171). Allowable deductions include:
• Income taxes
• Self-employment tax
• Federal insurance tax
• Health insurance premiums
• Mandatory union dues
• Mandatory retirement payments
• Court-ordered child support payments
An assignment of an employee's wages as security for a consumer loan is prohibited, and deductions may not be made from an employee's wages for this purpose (FL Stat. Sec. 516.17).
Day laborers. Employers that contract with businesses to provide temporary workers may not charge a worker for safety equipment, clothing, accessories, or any other items required to perform the job; for more than a reasonable amount for transportation to or from the designated worksite; or for directly or indirectly cashing a worker's check.
These requirements do not apply to business entities duly registered as farm labor contractors, employee leasing companies, temporary help services engaged in supplying solely white collar employees, secretarial employees, clerical employees, or skilled laborers; labor union hiring halls; or employment offices ...

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