Mississippi Deductions From Pay laws & compensation compliance analysis

Mississippi Deductions From Pay: What you need to know

Payroll deductions items other than taxes and garnishments generally require the employee's prior written authorization. There are few restrictions in Mississippi on deductions from an employee's paycheck. Employers are required to withhold amounts for state and federal taxes and may, in certain circumstances, make other deductions. There is additional information and details on deductions for taxes.
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In addition to deducting the amount of support as required by the court order, an employer must deduct up to $15 per month from the wages of an employee whose wages have been garnished for support. This amount is sent to the Mississippi Department of Human Services to cover its administrative costs (MS Code Sec. 93-11-111). There is additional information on garnishments.
In addition to deducting the required amount of support, the employer may deduct $2 for each intrastate withholding to cover its own administrative costs related to the child or spousal support order (MS Code Sec. 93-11-111).
Mississippi employees may make assignments of future wages as security for the purchase of goods. However, an employer need not honor such an assignment unless it had notice of the arrangement prior to delivery of the goods and agreed in writing to the assignment (MS Code Sec. 71-1-45).
Employers with 50 or more employees are subject to fines for failure to pay all wages due at least twice monthly (MS Code Sec. 71-1-35). Therefore, employers should obtain an employee's written authorization before making any payroll deductions not required by federal or state law.

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