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Iowa Paychecks: What you need to know

Wages include all amounts due for labor or service performed by an employee. Wages may be fixed or determined by time, job, piecework, commission, or any other method. Wages also include, but are not limited to, benefits or wage supplements such as health, retirement, vacation, separation, sick leave, or holiday pay (IA Admin. Code Sec. 91A.2). Wages also include, but are not limited to:
• Vacation, holiday, sick leave, and severance payments due to an employee under an agreement with the employer or under a policy of the employer;
• Payments to employees or to a fund for the benefit of the employee, including, but not limited to, payments for medical, health, hospital, welfare, pension, or profit-sharing due an employee under an agreement with the employer or under a policy of the employer; and
• Expenses incurred and recoverable under a health benefit plan (IA Admin. Code Sec. 91A.2).
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Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by employer and employee, employers must designate in advance regular paydays not more than 12 days after the last day of the pay period and must pay all wages due no less often than once a month (IA Admin. Code Sec. 91A.3).
Employees on commission. If the employee agrees, the employer may make an advance against commissions earned. If the employer makes such an advance, the employer is then required to pay, at regular intervals, any difference between the advance and the commission wages actually earned. Such regular intervals may not be more than 12 months apart.
Reimbursement of expenses. Expenses authorized by the employer and incurred by the employee must be paid by the employer either in advance or within 30 days of the employee's submission of an expense ...

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