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Wages include compensation paid to the employee in the form of legal tender of the United States and checks on banks convertible into cash on demand and include the reasonable cost to the employer that furnishes the employee board or lodging. Wages also include compensation paid through a direct deposit system, automated teller machine card, or other means of electronic transfer as long as the employee can either make an initial withdrawal of the entire net pay without additional cost to the employee or choose another means of payment that involves no additional cost to the employee. Whenever a person ceases to be employed because of the insolvency of his or her employer, if the employee claims that the employer still owes wages earned but not yet paid, the term “wages earned” will include all fringe benefits earned by the employee that were considered in the employment contract, including plans for retirement, insurance, health care, and vacations (ME Rev. Stat. Tit. 26 Sec. 629-A,Sec. 663 ).
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The payment of wages or salary must be made at the rate previously established by the employer, except that the employer may decrease the rate of pay, effective the next working day, if the employer gives notice to all affected employees before the change. This requirement does not apply when an employer has temporarily increased an employee's wage rate to comply with the prevailing wage requirements and is returning the employee to the employee's regular wage rate, as long as the employer is in compliance with all posting and notice provisions of the applicable prevailing wage law. Changes of rates of pay made under a collective bargaining agreement are exempt from this requirement. ...

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