Arizona Life Insurance laws & compensation compliance analysis

Arizona Life Insurance: What you need to know

Employers have no obligation under Arizona law to offer life insurance to their employees. However, if group life insurance is among the benefits offered to workers, certain minimum requirements must be satisfied (AZ Rev. Stat. Sec. 20-1251).
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Group characteristics. The group policy must cover at least two employees on the date it is issued. The eligible class or classes of employees must be determined by conditions pertaining to their employment. Covered employees may include the employees of one or more subsidiary corporations and the employees of businesses under common control. Retired employees may also be covered. Directors of a corporate employer may be covered by a group policy if they are bona fide employees of the corporation who perform services other than the usual duties of a director. Individual proprietors or partners may be covered if they actively engage in and devote a substantial part of their time to the conduct of the business of the proprietor or partnership.
Beneficiary. The employee may name anyone except the employer as beneficiary.
Employer/employee contributions. Employers are not required to make a contribution toward the cost of group insurance. Premiums may be paid from funds contributed by the employer, from funds contributed by the employees, or from a combination of employer and employee contributions. If the employer does pay the entire premium, all employees in the eligible class (except those for whom evidence of individual insurability is not satisfactory) must be covered by the policy.
Spouse and dependent coverage. Insurance may be extended to cover an employee's spouse and dependents. The amount of insurance on any one dependent may not exceed 100 ...

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