Kansas Hiring laws & compensation compliance analysis

Kansas Hiring: What you need to know

The Kansas Act Against Discrimination prohibits hiring practices that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or genetic test results (KS Stat. Sec. 44-1009). The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits hiring practices that discriminate on the basis of age (KS Stat. Sec. 44-1111 et seq.). Both laws cover employers with four or more employees. State agencies and government contractors are also covered by separate provisions.
Military status. All employers, regardless of size, are prohibited from discriminating against an individual because he or she is a member of the military ( KS Stat. Sec. 44–1126).
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To help locate persons subject to child support orders, all employers must report information for each new or rehired employee to the Department of Human Resources within 20 days of the date of hire (KS Stat. Sec. 75-5742).
Details on filing requirements and other information are available online from the Kansas New Hire Directory.
Last reviewed April 2017.

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