Iowa Homeworkers/ Telecommuting laws & compensation compliance analysis

Iowa Homeworkers/ Telecommuting: What you need to know

Iowa has rules for records that must be kept about employees who do industrial homework. For this purpose, industrial homework is defined as the production by any person in a home, apartment, tenement, or room in a residential establishment of goods for an employer who allows production, regardless of the source of the materials used by the homeworker in production. Every employer allowing employees to perform industrial homework must maintain and preserve payroll or other records pertaining to every industrial homeworker employed. The information in those records must include, but is not limited to:
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• Employee name, identification number, and address
• Date on which work is given to worker and turned in by worker
• Hours worked on each lot of work turned in
• Wages paid for each lot of work turned in
The employer must also keep a separate handbook for each homeworker. The information must be entered by the employer or the person distributing or collecting homework on behalf of the employer each time work is given out or received from a homeworker. The handbook must remain in the homeworker's possession, except for the time necessary for the employer to make entries. Upon completion of the handbook or termination of the homeworker, the handbook must be returned to the employer (Iowa Admin. Code Sec. 875-216.31(91D)et seq.).
Last reviewed on July 20, 2017.

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