Louisiana Homeworkers/ Telecommuting laws & compensation compliance analysis

Louisiana Homeworkers/ Telecommuting: What you need to know

The Louisiana Department of Administration (DOA) promotes telecommuting for state employees on a voluntary basis for designated positions when an employee agrees to a telecommuting agreement with his or her supervisor and section head and certain conditions are met under Personnel Policy No. 89 (www.doa.louisiana.gov).
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Telecommuting is neither considered a right, entitlement, or departmentwide benefit, nor is the telecommuting contract considered an employment contract. The telecommuting contract is also not permanent and can be modified or terminated by the DOA.
Terms of agreement. Telecommuting cannot be used for child care or adult care, for any purpose for which a leave should not be requested, or for personal accommodation of an employee.
Overtime. Telecommuting employees must properly document work hours and can work overtime only with the approval of their supervisor under their section's overtime policy. Employees who work unapproved overtime will have their telecommuting agreement canceled.
Emergencies. Under Personnel Policy No. 89, mandatory telecommuting for state workers may be invoked in times of disaster or crisis.
There are no special laws in the state regarding homeworkers; however, they must be paid in the same manner as on-site workers under provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act.
Last reviewed on July 17, 2017.

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