Rhode Island Homeworkers/ Telecommuting laws & compensation compliance analysis

Rhode Island Homeworkers/ Telecommuting: What you need to know

The state has established a committee on employee transportation to encourage state employees to reduce commuting miles. The committee is charged with investigating practices developed by the environmental protection agency's "Best Workplaces for Commuters Program" and incentives for state employees to reduce driving to work, including bicycling, carpooling, and telecommuting (RI Gen. Stat. Sec. 36-6-21.1). .
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Rhode Island law regulates the use of homeworkers by employers for manufacturing processes (RI Gen. Laws Sec. 28-18-1et seq.). The law is intended to restrict the use of industrial homeworkers and promote the gradual elimination of industrial homework.
"Industrial homework" is defined as the processing in a home, including the employer's home, of materials that are furnished by the employer and that are returned to the employer as completed articles. A home is any dwelling house, tenement house, rooming house, apartment house, or other residential building.
Industrial homework is prohibited unless the employer is licensed, and the employee has been issued a certificate by the Department of Labor and Training. Licenses are issued only to employers that already operate establishments in which the employees do the same or similar work at the same or similar rates as the homeworkers.
Individuals may not do industrial homework unless they have a certificate from the Department of Labor and Training permitting them to do homework at the address named in the certificate. In industries in which homework is not customary, certificates are issued only to workers aged 50 years or over or who are physically handicapped and unable to ...

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