Washington Homeworkers/ Telecommuting laws & compensation compliance analysis

Washington Homeworkers/ Telecommuting: What you need to know

Under Executive Order 01-03, each agency, board, or higher education institution under the state Department of Personnel must have a written policy that defines specific criteria for selecting employees who may telecommute, scheduling, and defining procedures for those employees working from home or alternate worksites. The Executive Order does not supersede bargaining agreements.
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During declared state emergencies, such as pandemics or outbreaks of contagious diseases requiring social distancing, agencies may adopt a broader use of telecommuting based on the services they provide to the public and steps indicated to protect employees.
Washington law places no special restrictions on the employment of workers to manufacture materials at home. However, state minimum wage, overtime, child labor, and work safety laws apply equally to homeworkers as to those working at the employers' place of business.
Last updated on August 30, 2017.

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