Florida Incineration regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Florida Incineration: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Hazardous waste incineration: 40 CFR 264.340 to 264.347, 40 CFR 264.351, 40 CFR 265.340 to 265.352, 40 CFR 266.100 to 266.112, Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 62-730.180, and FAC 62-730.181

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National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) from hazardous waste combustors: 40 CFR 63.1200 to 63.1213 and FAC 62-204.800(11)(b)(43)

New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for incinerators: 40 CFR 60.50 to 60.55 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(5)

NSPS for municipal waste combustors (MWCs): 40 CFR 60.50a to 60.59a, 40 CFR 60.50b to 60.59b, FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(6), and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(7)

NSPS for small MWCs: 40 CFR 60.1000 to 60.1465 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(77)

Emissions guidelines for existing MWCs: 40 CFR 60.30b to 60.39b, 40 CFR 60.1500 to 60.1940, FAC 62-204.800(9)(b), and FAC 62-204.800(9)(e)

NSPS for hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators (HMIWIs): 40 CFR 60.50c to 60.58c and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(8)

Emissions guidelines for existing HMIWIs: 40 CFR 60.30e to 60.39e and FAC 62-204.800(9)(g)

NSPS for commercial and industrial solid waste incinerators (CISWIs): 40 CFR 60.2000 to 60.2265 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(78)

Emissions guidelines for existing CISWIs: 40 CFR 60.2500 to 60.2875 and FAC 62-204.800(9)(f)

NSPS for other solid waste incinerators (OSWIs): 40 CFR 60.2880 to 60.2977 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(79)

Emissions guidelines for existing OSWIs: 40 CFR 60.2980 to 60.3078 and 40 CFR 62.2400

NSPS for sewage treatment plants: 40 CFR 60.150 to 60.156 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(23)

NSPS for sewage sludge incinerators: 40 CFR 60.4760 to 60.4930 and FAC 62-204.800(8)(b)(83)

Emissions guidelines for existing sewage sludge incinerators: 40 CFR 60.5000 to 60.5250

Solid (nonhazardous) waste ...

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