Missouri Audits regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Missouri Audits: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Voluntary disclosure:

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Air pollution: 10 Missouri Code of State Regulations (CSR) 10-6.230

Water pollution: 10 CSR 20-3.010

Underground storage tanks: 10 CSR 20-13.080

Hazardous waste: 10 CSR 25-14.010

Regulatory Agency

Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Missouri does not have a specific law, regulation, or policy concerning environmental audit privilege or penalty immunity for the voluntary disclosure of environmental violations. State regulations, however, do allow the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to subtract from the total amount of an administrative penalty after considering documentation that the violator has voluntarily reported noncompliance, or took measures to remedy a violation before detection by DNR.

Administration and enforcement. DNR has the authority to adjust administrative penalty amounts for violations.

State Requirements


Many states have passed environmental audit privilege laws that provide for reduced penalties for violations discovered as a result of an environmental audit under certain circumstances. Missouri has not yet passed legislation specific to audits.

With current trends toward greater enforcement and the imposition of substantial fines by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state agencies, more companies are realizing the advantages of conducting an environmental audit as a compliance tool. Self-evaluations or audits can help companies in Missouri discover potential violations and take measures to remedy them before they are detected by ...

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