Kansas Environmental Protection Agency regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Kansas Environmental Protection Agency: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Nuclear energy development and radiation control: Kansas Statutes Annotated (KS Stat. Ann.) 48-1601 to 48-1624

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Mined land conservation and reclamation: KS Stat. Ann. 49-40 to 40-433

Hazardous household articles: KS Stat. Ann. 65-2701 to 65-2704

Air quality control: KS Stat. Ann. 65-3001 to 65-3028

Water pollution control: KS Stat. Ann. 65-3301 to 65-3329

Solid and hazardous waste, Storage Tank Act, dry-cleaning facilities, voluntary cleanup: KS Stat. Ann. 65-3401 to 65-34174

Central Interstate Low-level Radioactive Waste Compact: KS Stat. Ann. 65-34a01 to 65-34a04

Operators of water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities: KS Stat. Ann. 65-4501 to 65-4517

Asbestos control: KS Stat. Ann. 65-5301 to 65-5315

Emergency planning and community right-to-know: KS Stat. Ann. 65-5701 to 65-5731

Secretary of Health and Environment, activities: KS Stat. Ann. 65-101 to 65-1235

Local boards of health, clinics: KS Stat. Ann. 65-201 to 65-246

Control of contagious diseases in cities of the second and third class: KS Stat. Ann. 65-301 and KS Stat. Ann. 65-302

Hospitals and other facilities: KS Stat. Ann. 65-401 to 65-474

Children with special healthcare needs: KS Stat. Ann. 65-5a0l to 65-5a16

Food, drugs, and cosmetics: KS Stat. Ann. 65-601 to 65-689

Risk management: KS Stat. Ann. 65-4921 to 65-4930

Healthcare provider cooperation: KS Stat. Ann. 65-4955 to 65-4973

Immunizations and health assessments: KS Stat. Ann. 72-5208 to 72-5214

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identification (ID) number: Kansas Administrative Regulations (KAR) 28-31-4(c)

Regulatory Agencies

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)

EPA Region 7

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