New Hampshire Penalties and Liabilities regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Hampshire Penalties and Liabilities: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Air: New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 125-C:15, RSA 125-D:5, RSA 125-I:8, RSA 125-J:8, RSA 125-J:9, RSA 125-M:6, RSA 125-N:5, and RSA 125-O:7

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Asbestos: RSA 141-E:15 to 141-E:17

Hazardous materials motor carriers: RSA 21-P:21 and RSA 21-P:22

Hazardous waste: RSA 147-A:16, RSA 147-A:16-a, RSA 147-A:17, RSA 147-A:17-a, RSA 147-D:6, and RSA 147-B:11, New Hampshire Regulations Environmental-Cross Program (NH Regs. Env-C) 612.01 to 612.10

Imports and exports of chemicals—Phosphate ban: RSA 485-A:55 to 485-A:57

Pesticides: RSA 430:45

Solid waste: RSA 149-M:15, RSA 149-M:16, and NH Regs. Env-C 612.11 to 612.20

Storage tanks:

Aboveground storage tanks (ASTs): NH Regs. Env-C 615.01 to 615.05

Underground storage tanks (USTs): RSA 147-C9-a, RSA 147-C:10, RSA 147-C10-a, NH Regs. Env-C 607, and NH Regs. Env-C 608


Drinking water: RSA 485:17, RSA 485:58, RSA 332-E:10, and NH Regs. Env-C 602.01 to 602.11

Groundwater: NH Regs. Env-C 609.01 to 609.06, NH Regs. Env-C 616.01 to 616.05, RSA 485-C:18, and RSA 485-C:19

Oil spills: RSA 146-A:14, RSA 146-A:15, RSA 146-A:17, and NH Regs. Env-C 606.01 to 606.05

Septic systems: NH Regs. Env-C 604.01 and NH Regs. Env-C 604.02

Surface water quality and pollution: NH Regs. Env-C 603.01 to 603.08 and NH Regs. Env-C 608.05 to 608.07

Wastewater: RSA 487:7, RSA 485-A:22, RSA 485-A:43, and RSA 149-1:6

Management: RSA 488:8

Wetlands: RSA 483-B:18, RSA 482-A:13, RSA 482-A:14, NH Regs. Env-C 611.01 to 611.06, and NH Regs. Env-C 614.01 to 614.08

Workplace safety and health:

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act), 29 USC 666

New Hampshire Public Employee Safety and Health Law, RSA 277:36

Workplace hazard communication: RSA 277-A:9

Regulatory Agencies

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