Arkansas Recordkeeping regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Arkansas Recordkeeping: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Air: Arkansas Regulation (AR Reg.) 18.1004, AR Reg. 18.1302, AR Reg. 19.705, and AR Reg. 26.701

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Asbestos: AR Reg. 21.701, AR Reg. 21.702, and AR Reg. 21.1102

Hazardous waste:

Large quantity generators (LQGs) and small quantity generators (SQGs): AR Reg. 23.262.40(b) and AR Reg. 23.262.41

Transporters: AR Reg. 23.263.13

Treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs): AR Reg. 23.264.75 and AR Reg. 23.265.75 (interim status)

Medical waste: Arkansas Department of Health Rules, Management of Medical Waste from Generators and Healthcare-Related Facilities (ADH Medical Waste Rules), Section VI to Section VIII

Pesticides: Arkansas Code Annotated (AR Code Ann.) 20-20-215, Arkansas Regulations on Pesticide Use (Pesticide Use AR Reg.) Section X, Pesticide Use AR Reg. Section XI, and Pesticide Use AR Reg. Section XIII

Solid (nonhazardous) waste:

Class 1 landfills: AR Reg. 22.421

Class 3 landfills: AR Reg. 22.520

Class 4 landfills: AR Reg. 22.617

Composting facilities: AR Reg. 22.808

Construction and demolition recovery facilities (C&DRFs) and material recycling facilities (MRFs): AR Reg. 22.1005(m)

Transfer stations: AR Reg. 22.907

Waste tire collection centers: AR Reg. 14.1005

Waste tire processing facilities: AR Reg. 14.1207 and AR Reg. 14.1215

Waste tire disposal facilities: AR Reg. 14.1303 and AR Reg. 14.1304

Waste tire outdoor storage facilities: AR Reg. 14.1402

Waste tire transporters: AR Reg. 14.1111 and AR Reg. 14.1115

Storage tanks:

Underground storage tanks (USTs): AR Reg. 12.314 and AR Reg. 12.704


Agricultural (Ag) waste: AR Reg. 5.407(A) and Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) Rules Governing the Arkansas Soil Nutrient and Poultry Litter Application and Management Program Sections 2203.6 ...

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