Vermont Spill Prevention (SPCC Plan) regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Vermont Spill Prevention (SPCC Plan): What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Clean Water Act (CWA): 33 USC 1251 to 1387 Federal oil pollution prevention regulations (Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure [SPCC] Plans): 40 CFR 112 Underground storage tanks (USTs): VAR 12-032-004 8-501 to 8-503

Regulatory Agency
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Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Waste Management Division UST Program

Comparison: State vs. Federal

· Rules. Vermont does not have a counterpart to the federal Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan rules. Vermont administers spill prevention rules for underground storage tanks (USTs).

· Administration and enforcement. EPA administers and enforces the SPCC program in Vermont. EPA conducts routine inspections in Vermont to enforce the implementation of federal standards. DEC enforces the state's UST rules.

State Requirements

UST Rules

VAR 12-032-004 8-501 to 8-503

Permittees of Category 1 USTs and owners of Category 2 USTs are required to implement and maintain a written facility record documenting, in chronological order, spill- and overfill-prevention activities. For each UST system, the owner or permittee must maintain the following:

  • Facility diagram. A diagram must be displayed in a location that is protected from the weather and visible to any carrier that delivers a regulated substance to any UST at the facility.
  • Marking and labeling of pipes. The fill pipe of each UST must be labeled or marked to identify the material stored in the tank. The fill pipe and pipe-out pipe of any UST holding used oil must be identified as a UST holding used oil.
  • Maintenance of spill containment devices. All spill containment devices must be kept free of debris. Before delivery of oil to a UST, ...

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