Alaska Aboveground Storage Tanks regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Alaska Aboveground Storage Tanks: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Control Act, Alaska Statutes (AS) 46.04.010 to 46.04.110 and regulations at 18 Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) 75.005 to 75.990

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Adoption of International Fire Code: 13 AAC 50 to 55

Definitions: AS 46.04.900

Small tanks: 13 AAC 50.010 to 50.075

Medium tanks: 40 CFR 112.1 and 13 AAC 50.010 to 50.75

Marine vessels: 33 CFR 154

Large tanks: 18 AAC 75.005 to 75.990

Aboveground storage tank (AST) classifications: 18 AAC 75.065 and 18 AAC 75.066

Facility piping: 18 AAC 75.080

Flow lines: 18 AAC 75.047

Leak detection: 18 AAC 75.055 and 18 AAC 75.065

Secondary containment: 18 AAC 75.075

Oil transfers: 18 AAC 75.025

Contingency plan: AS 46.04.200 to 46.04.210 and 18 AAC 75.400 to 75.496

Training: 18 AAC 75.020

Financial responsibility: 18 AAC 75.205 to 75.290

Release notification: 18 AAC 75.300

Response fund: AS 46.08.005 to 46.08.900

Cost recovery program: AS 46.08.070

Regulatory Agencies

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Spill Prevention and Response Division Industry Preparedness Program

Alaska Department of Public Safety State Fire Marshal’s Office Division of Fire and Life Safety

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Division District 17

Local fire departments

Comparison: State vs. Federal

· Rules. In Alaska, tanks located aboveground and storing petroleum products are divided into separate categories for regulation in Alaska:

  • ASTs and facilities with a storage capacity under 1,320 gallons (gal) are regulated by the State Fire Marshal and/or the local fire marshal.
  • Tanks with a storage capacity between 1,320 gal and 420,000 gal and not already regulated are regulated by EPA and the State Fire Marshal.
  • AST ...

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