Virginia Aboveground Storage Tanks regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Virginia Aboveground Storage Tanks: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Facility and aboveground storage tank (AST) regulations: 9 Virginia Administrative Code (VAC) 25-91-10 to 25-91-220

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Applicability: 9 VAC 25-91-20

Administrative fees: 9 VAC 25-91-60

Registration requirements: 9 VAC 25-91-100

Notifications: 9 VAC 25-91-110

Closure: 9 VAC 25-91-120

Pollution prevention: 9 VAC 25-91-130

  • Inventory control: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(1)

    Secondary containment: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(2)

    Safe fill and shutdown procedures: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(3)

    Pressure testing of piping: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(4)

    Visual inspections: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(5)

    Training of individuals: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(6)

    Leak detection: 9 VAC 25-91-130(B)(7)

    Formal inspections: 9 VAC 25-91-130(C)(1)

    Formal reinspections: 9 VAC 25-91-130(C)(2)

    Safe fill and shutdown procedures - high alarm: 9 VAC 25-91-130(C)(3)

    Cathodic protection: 9 VAC 25-91-130(C)(4)

Variances: 9 VAC 25-91-160

Inventory control exclusions: 9 VAC 25-91-160(D)

Recordkeeping: 9 VAC 25-91-150

Oil discharge contingency plans (ODCPs):

Requirements and approval: 9 VAC 25-91-170

Groundwater characterization study (GCS): 9 VAC 25-91-180

GCS well monitoring and reporting: 9 VAC 25-91-190

Financial responsibility: 9 VAC 25-640-10 to 25-640-210

Cleanup Fund: 9 VAC 25-640-220

Regulatory Agencies

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) State Water Control Board (Board)

Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Virginia's aboveground storage tank (AST) regulations require registration of facilities and individual ASTs within the state, pollution prevention plans for new and existing ASTs, development of facility oil discharge contingency plans (ODCPs), and requirements for the ...

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