New Hampshire Pesticides regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Hampshire Pesticides: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Hazardous waste pesticides:

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Listed wastes: New Hampshire Regulations (NH Regs). Environmental-Waste Management (Env-Hw) 402

Universal wastes: NH Regs. Env-Hw 1110.08 to 1110.10

Farmer exemption: NH Regs. Env-Hw 501.02

Prohibited-limited use and restricted use pesticides: NH Regs. Pesticides Control Board (Pes) 701.05 to 701.07

Prohibited compounds: NH Regs. Pes 701.04

Pesticide dealers:

License application and examination: NH Regs. Pes 306.01 to 306.07

Registration: NH Regs. Pes 307.01 to 307.06

Sales of prohibited/restricted use pesticides: NH Regs. Pes 306.05

Pesticide applicators: NH Regs. Pes 301 to 303

Commercial applicators: NH Regs. Pes 302.01

Certification requirements: NH Regs. Pes 302.02 and NH Regs. Pes 304

Financial responsibility: NH Regs. Pes 302.03

Registration: NH Regs. Pes 307.01 to 307.06

Private applicators: NH Regs. Pes 305.01 to 305.09

Recertification: NH Regs. Pes 401.01 to 403.03

Pesticide management:

Application: NH Regs. Pes 502.01 to 502.06

Storage: NH Regs. Pes 802.03

Mixing and loading pesticides: NH Regs. Pes 805.01 and NH Regs. Pes 805.02

Containment: NH Regs. Pes 804.01 to 804.14

Transport: NH Regs. Pes 801.01

Unusable pesticides: NH Regs. Pes 801.03

Recordkeeping: NH Regs. Pes 901.01 to 901.04

Aerial applicators: NH Regs. Pes 901.01

Pesticide applicators: NH Regs. Pes 901.02 and NH Regs Pes 901.04

Pesticide dealers: NH Regs. Pes 901.03

Regulatory Agencies

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) Waste Management Division

New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food (NHDA) Division of Pesticide Control

See ADDRESSES & CONTACTS for addresses and telephone numbers.

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

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