New Jersey Pesticides regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Jersey Pesticides: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

New Jersey Pesticide Control Act, New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA) 13:1F-1 et seq. and regulations at New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) 7:30-1.1 to 7:30-13.9

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Hazardous waste pesticides:

Listed waste: NJAC 7:26G-5.1

Farmer exemption: NJAC 7:26G-6.1

Restricted use pesticides: NJAC 7:30-2.10

Pesticide registration: NJAC 7:30-2.1, NJAC 7:30-2.2, and NJAC 7:30-2.6

Pesticide dealers: NJAC 7:30-3.1 to 7:30-3.13

Recordkeeping: NJAC 7:30-3.7

Pesticide dealer businesses:

Licensing: NJAC 7:30-4.1

Commercial pesticide operators: NJAC 7:30-5.1 to 7:30-5.8

Training: NJAC 7:30-5.2

Licensing: NJAC 7:30-5.3

Commercial pesticide applicators: NJAC 7:30-6.1 to 7:30-6.13

Commercial pesticide applicator categories: NJAC 7:30-6.3

Certification requirements: NJAC 7:30-6.2 and NJAC 7:30-6.4

Licensing: NJAC 7:30-6.4

Recordkeeping: NJAC 7:30-6.8

Pesticide applicator businesses:

Licensing: NJAC 7:30-7.1

Private pesticide applicators: NJAC 7:30-8.1 to 7:30-8.12

Recordkeeping: NJAC 7:30-8.8

Pesticide worker training: NJAC 7:30-12.8

Pesticide handler training: NJAC 7:30-12.16

Pesticide management rules:

Notifications: NJAC 7:30-9.10 to 7:30-9.16

Containment and storage: NJAC 7:30-9.5 and NJAC 7:30-9.6

Spills: NJAC 7:30-9.17 and NJAC 7:30-9.18

New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) permit: NJAC 7:14A-6.13

Fertilizers: New Jersey's Fertilizer Control Act, NJSA 58:10A-61 to 58:10A-69

Prohibited fertilizers: NJSA 4:9-15.8a and NJSA 4:9-15.13a

Honey bee preservation: NJAC 2:24-6.1 to 2:24-6.4

Regulatory Agencies

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Pesticide Control and Land Use Enforcement Bureau of Pesticide Operations

DEP Division of Pesticide Control and Land Use Enforcement Bureau of Pesticide ...

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