New Jersey Underground Storage Tanks regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Jersey Underground Storage Tanks: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

New Jersey Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances Act, New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA) 58:10A-21 to 58:10A-35 and regulations at New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) 7:14B-1.1et seq.

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Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) Remediation, Upgrade, and Closure Fund (UST Fund): New Jersey Underground Storage Tank (UST) Finance Act, NJSA 58:10A-36 et seq., and regulations at NJAC 7:26C-12.1 to 7:26C-12.4 and Appendices

Unregulated heating oil tanks: NJSA 7:26C-13.1 to 7:26C-13.5 and Appendices

New Jersey Water Pollution Control Act, NJSA 58:10A-1 et seq.

New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Act, NJSA 52:27D-119 et seq.

Applicability: NJAC 7:14B-1.4

Exemptions: NJAC 7:14B-1.4(b)

Partially regulated tanks: NJAC 7:14B-1.4(c) to 7:14B-1.4(e)

Unregulated heating oil tanks: NJAC 7:26C-13.1 to 7:26C-13.5

Registration: NJAC 7:14B-2.1 to 7:14B-2.7

Fees: NJAC 7:14B-3.1 to 7:14B-3.10

Performance standards: NJAC 7:14B-4.1

Delivery prohibition: NJAC 7:14B-5.9

Permits: NJAC 7:14B-10.1 to 7:14B-10.8

Operation and maintenance: NJAC 7:14B-5.2, NJAC 7:14B-5.10, and NJAC 7:14B-5.12

Operator training: NJAC 7:14B-5.14 to 7:14B-5A.5

Professional certification:

Classification: NJAC 7:14B-13.2

Fees: NJAC 7:14B-3.10

Certification requirements: NJAC 7:14B-13.1 to 7:14B-13.10

Certification renewal: NJAC 7:14B-13.6 and NJAC 7:14B-13.7

Release reporting: NJAC 7:14B-7.1 to 7:14B-7.4 and NJAC 7:14B-8.1 to 7:14B-8.3

Closure: NJAC 7:14B-9.2

Financial responsibility: NJAC 7:14B-2.2 and NJAC 7:14B-15.1 to 7:14B-15.4

UST Fund: NJAC 7:26C-12.1 to 7:26C-12.4 and Appendices

Regulatory Agencies

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Site Remediation Program (SRP)

DEP Division of Compliance and Enforcement Division of Pesticides, ...

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