Rhode Island Underground Storage Tanks regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Rhode Island Underground Storage Tanks: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Underground storage tanks (USTs): Rhode Island Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Act, Rhode Island General Laws (RI Gen. Laws) 46-12.1, and regulations at Rhode Island Rules and Regulations (RI Rule) 12.030.029

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Applicability: RI Rule 12.030.029-3.01

Exemptions: RI Rule 12.030.029-3.03

Registration: RI Rule 12.030.029-6.00

Fees: RI Rule 12.030.029-6.11 to 12.030.029-6.13

Construction: RI Rule 12.030.029-8

Delivery prohibition: RI Rule 12.030.029-8.21

Operator training: RI Rule 12.030.029-8.22

Leak detection: RI Rule 12.030.029-8.00 and RI Rule 12.030.029-9.00

Environmental Results Program (ERP): RI Rule 12.030.029-8.03


Mandatory deadline: RI Rule 12.030.029-8.04 and RI Rule 12.030.029-13.00

Financial responsibility: Rhode Island UST Financial Responsibility Act, RI Gen. Laws 46-12.9-1 to 46-12.9-12 and regulations at RI Rule 12.030.029-7

UST Financial Responsibility Fund: RI Gen. Law 46-12.9-1 to 46-12.9-12 and regulations at RI Rule 96.180.001-100.01 to 96.180.001-1500.01

Eligible costs: RI Gen. Law 46-12.9-5 and RI Rule 96.180.001-1200

Eligible parties: RI Gen. Law 46-12.9-6 and RI Rule 96.180.001-1100.01 to 96.180.001-1100.08

Rhode Island UST Financial Responsibility Fund (RIUST) Review Board: RI Gen. Law 47-12.9-8 and RI Rule 96.180.001-300.01 to 96.180.001-300.03

Application: RI Rule 96.180.001-400, RI Rule 96.180.001-800.01, and RI Rule 96.180.001-800.02

Third-party claims: RI Rule 96.180.001-1000.01 to 96.180.001-1000.03

Recordkeeping: RI Rule 96.180.001-700.01 to 96.180.001-700.03

Licensing: RI Rule 12.030.029-14.00

Regulatory Agencies

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Bureau of Environmental Protection Office of Waste Management

Rhode Island UST ...

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