South Carolina Underground Storage Tanks regulations & environmental compliance analysis

South Carolina Underground Storage Tanks: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank (SUPERB) Act, South Carolina Code Annotated (S.C. Code Ann.) 44-2-10 to 44-2-150

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SUPERB site rehabilitation and fund access regulations: South Carolina Code of Regulations (R.) 61-98

South Carolina Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations: R. 61-92.280.10 to 61-92.280.302

Applicability: R. 61-92.280.10

Notification: R. 61-92.280.22

Registration: S.C. Code Ann. 44-2-60

Permits: R. 61-92.280.23

Delivery prohibition: R. 61-92.280.10 and R. 61-92.280.26

Construction, Design, and Installation:

Spill and overfill prevention: R. 61-92.280.30 and R. 61-92.280.25

Secondary Containment: R. 61-92.280.20 and R. 61-92.280.25

Testing, inspections, and monitoring:

Testing: R. 61-92.280.24

Inspections: R. 61-92.280.36

Monitoring: R. 61-92.280.41

Release reporting: R. 61-92.280.50 to R. 61-92.280.53

Reporting suspected releases: R. 61-92.280.50

Release investigation and confirmation: R. 61-92.280.52

Spills and overfills: R. 61-92.280.53

Corrective action: R. 61-92.280.60 to R. 61-92.280.67

Initial response and abatement: R. 61-92.280.61 to R. 61-92.280.63

Free product removal: R. 61-92.280.64

Investigations for soil and groundwater cleanup: R. 61-92.280.65

Corrective action plan: R. 61-92.280.66 and R. 61-92.280.67

Financial responsibility: R.61-92.280.90 to R.61-92.280.115 and S.C. Code Ann. 44-2-10 to 44-2-150

SUPERB Account and Financial Responsibility Fund: S.C. Code Ann. 44-2-10 to 44-2-150

Closure: R. 61-92.280.70 to R. 61-92.280.74

Training: R. 61-92.280.240 to R. 61-92.280.245

Variances: R. 61-92.280.300

Enforcement: S.C. Code Ann. 44-2-140 and R. 61-92.280.301

Appeals: R. 61-92.280.302

Regulatory Agencies

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control ...

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