Oklahoma Brownfields regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Oklahoma Brownfields: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Oklahoma Brownfields Voluntary Redevelopment Act, 27A Oklahoma Statutes Annotated (OSA) 2-15-101 to 2-15-110

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Brownfields regulations: Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 252:221-1-1 to 252:221-7-13

Application process: OAC 252:221-3-2

Regulatory Agency

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Land Protection Division

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See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. The Oklahoma Brownfields Voluntary Redevelopment Act facilitates the redevelopment of brownfields, or contaminated industrial property, by limiting the risk of environmental cleanup liability. For additional guidance, see the national section BROWNFIELDS.

Administration and enforcement. DEQ's Land Protection Division administers the state's brownfields program, including tax incentive programs under state law.

State Requirements



Brownfields. Brownfields are defined by Oklahoma law as abandoned, idled, or underused industrial or commercial facilities or other real property at which expansion or redevelopment is complicated by environmental contamination caused by regulated substances (27A OSA 2-15-101 et seq.). In general, a brownfield can be thought of as property that has lost value because of the perception that the site might be contaminated.

Certificate of Completion. A document issued by DEQ after a determination that an applicant has successfully completed agency-approved risk-based remediation.

Certificate of No Action Necessary. A document issued by DEQ after a determination that no remediation is necessary for the expansion or redevelopment of the ...

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