New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Generators regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Generators: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Generator standards: New Hampshire Regulations-Environmental Hazardous Waste (NH Regs. Env-Hw) 501.01 to 514.06

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Air emissions standards: 40 CFR 265 Subpart AA, 40 CFR 265 Subpart BB, and 40 CFR 265 Subpart CC

State generator classifications:

Full quantity generator (FQG) classification: NH Regs. Env-Hw 503.02

Small quantity generator (SQG) classification: NH Regs. Env-Hw 503.01

Counting hazardous waste: NH Regs. Env-Hw 503.03

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identification (EPA ID) number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 504.01 to 505.04

Notification requirements for an EPA ID number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 504.02

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) determination of notification sufficiency: NH Regs. Env-Hw 504.03

Subsequent notification for changes: NH Regs. Env-Hw 505.01

Notification requirements for a temporary EPA ID number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 504.04

Inactivation of an EPA ID number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 505.02

Reactivation of an EPA ID number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 505.03

Declassification of an EPA ID number: NH Regs. Env-Hw 505.04

On-site storage: NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.01 to 507.04

Registered transporters: NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.04(b)

Environmental and health protection standards: NH Regs. Env-Hw 506.01 to 506.03

Quarterly reports:

Eligibility: NH Regs. Env-Hw 512.02

Quarterly report fee: New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 147-B:8, RSA 147-B:9, and NH Regs. Env-Hw 512.02

Biennial report: NH Regs. Env-Hw 512.04

FQG hazardous waste coordinators: RSA 147-A:5(III), NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.02, NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.04, and NH Regs. Env-Hw 515

Application, training, and exams: NH Regs. Env-Hw 515.04

Initial and renewal certifications: NH Regs. Env-Hw 515.06 and NH Regs. Env-Hw 515.07

Coordinator presence at the facility: NH ...

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