New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Storage regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Storage: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Storage facility permit rules: New Hampshire Regulations-Hazardous Waste (NH Regs. Env-Hw) 301.01 to 304.31

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Container requirements: NH Regs. Env-Hw 401.03(b)(20), NH Regs. Env-Hw 708.03(d)(1), and NH Regs. Env-Hw 707.03(a) (interim facilities)

Hazardous waste storage tank requirements: NH Regs. Env-Hw 708.03(d)(2) and NH Regs. Env-Hw 707.03(b) (interim facilities)

Surface impoundment requirements: NH Regs. Env-Hw 708.03(d)(3)

On-site storage rules for full quantity generators (FQGs): NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.01 to 507.04, NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.02, and NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.03

On-site storage rules for small quantity generators (SQGs): NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.01 to 507.04, NH Regs. Env-Hw 508.02, and NH Regs. Env-Hw 508.03

FQG and SQG requirements:

Environmental and health protection standards: NH Regs. Env-Hw 506.01

Containers and tanks: NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.02(a)

Containers: NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.02(b) to 507.02(g)

Pretransport container labeling: NH Regs. Env-Hw 507.04(a)

FQG requirements: NH Regs. Env-Hw 501 to 507, NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.02 to 509.05, and NH Env-Hw 510 to 513

SQG storage site requirements: NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.02

SQG accumulation of less than 100 kilograms (kg) of hazardous waste: NH Regs. Env-Hw 508.02

SQG accumulation 1,000 kg or more of hazardous waste: NH Regs. Env-Hw 508.03

Satellite storage: NH Regs. Env-Hw 509.03

Regulatory Agency

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) Waste Management Division Hazardous Waste Management Bureau Hazardous Waste Compliance Section

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. New Hampshire has adopted the federal hazardous waste storage rules for permitted storage facilities and ...

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