Rhode Island Hazardous Waste Transporters regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Rhode Island Hazardous Waste Transporters: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Hazardous waste management–transporter permits: Rhode Island General Laws (RI Gen. Laws) 23-19.1-10

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Hazardous and septage waste transporters: Rhode Island Rules and Regulations (RI Rule) 12.030.003-3.0 and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.1 to 12.030.003-6.19

Definitions: RI Rule 12.030.003-3.0

Permits: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.2 and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.3D

Permit application: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.2, RI Rule 12.030.003-6.3, and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4F

Application and renewal fees: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.2

Vehicle markings: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4H

Inspections: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.2E and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.8

Emergencies: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.9

Records: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.6

Hazardous waste transporters:

Generation fee: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.17

Reporting: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.18

Liability insurance: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.3C

Transport of extremely hazardous waste: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4B to 12.030.003-6.4D

Manifests: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.5

Personnel and equipment: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.7

Accidents: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4E and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.9

Training: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.9D

Decontamination: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.10

Containers: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4G and RI Rule 12.030.003-6.11 to 12.030.003-6.14

Temporary storage in vehicles: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.15

Hazardous waste transfer facilities: RI Rule 12.030.003-9

Septage transporters:

Records: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.4N

Liability insurance: RI Rule 12.030.003-6.3C

Uniform septage fee: RI Rule 12.190.035

Regulatory Agency

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Bureau of Environmental Protection Office of Waste Management

See ADDRESSES & CONTACTS for addresses and telephone numbers.

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

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