Maryland Medical Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Maryland Medical Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Special medical wastes: Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 26.13.11 and COMAR 10.06.06

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Special medical waste: COMAR and COMAR

Sharps: COMAR

Infectious waste: COMAR

Generators: COMAR to

Special medical waste determination: COMAR

Maryland identification (ID) number: COMAR

Shipping papers: COMAR

Pretransport and pretreatment: COMAR

Records and reports: COMAR

Exports and imports: COMAR

Transporters: COMAR to

Maryland ID number: COMAR

Certificate: COMAR and COMAR

Safety inspection: COMAR

Vehicle standards: COMAR

Stoppage: COMAR

Shipping papers: COMAR

Discharges: COMAR

Treatment and disposal: COMAR to

Treatment before disposal: COMAR

Treatment of sharps before disposal: COMAR and COMAR

Alternative treatment methods: COMAR

Disposal: COMAR

Regulatory Agencies

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Land Management Administration

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)

See ADDRESSES & CONTACTS for addresses and telephone numbers.

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Maryland refers to its medical waste as "special medical waste," which it considers both a solid waste and a "controlled hazardous substance." The state's medical waste regulations include manifest and recordkeeping requirements for generators and transporters.

Hospital, medical, and infectious ...

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