Iowa Property Transfer regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Iowa Property Transfer: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Groundwater Hazard Statement: Code of Iowa (IA Code), Section 558.69

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Disposal site registry: IA Code, Section 455B.426

Use and transfer of sites: IA Code, Section 455B-430

Environmental liens: IA Code, Section 455B.392

Environmental covenants: Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 567-137.7(455H)

Iowa Land Recycling Program (ILRP): IAC 567-137.1(455H)

Animal feeding operations (AFO): IAC 567-65.21(455B)

Regulatory Agency

Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Geologic Survey and Land Quality Bureau Underground Storage Tanks

See ADDRESSES & CONTACTS for addresses and telephone numbers.

See national section for basic information and federal regulations.

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Anyone selling real estate in Iowa must complete a written statement telling whether there are any wells, disposal sites, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste disposal sites, or private burial sites on the property. These groundwater hazard statements have to be submitted to the county recorder's office with the declaration of value for the property transaction.

Also, Iowa has rules that require hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facility owners and operators to disclose certain information about the facility when it is closed. This information is available for public review and is intended to help answer questions from future property buyers about the history of a particular piece of property.

Administration and enforcement. DNR administers and enforces the closure requirements in Iowa.

State Requirements


IA Code, Section 558.69

When transferring land, a seller, or its representative, must sign DNR Form 542-0960, "Groundwater Hazard Statement." A copy ...

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