New Hampshire Solid Waste Transporters regulations & environmental compliance analysis

New Hampshire Solid Waste Transporters: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid (nonhazardous) waste management law and regulations: New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 149-M and regulations at New Hampshire Regulations Environmental- Solid Waste (NH Regs. Env-Sw) 100 to 2000

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Transport prohibition: RSA 149-M:9

Registration: RSA 149-M:29-a

Containers: RSA 149-M:10

Requirements for certain wastes:

Ash: NH Regs. Env-Sw 902.06

Contaminated soils and media: NH Regs. Env-Sw 903.06

Waste tires: NH Regs. Env-Sw 905.06

Transfer stations:

Definition: NH Regs. Env-Sw 102.35 and NH Regs. Env-Sw 104.54

Waste transfer: NH Regs. Env-Sw 405.03

Truck transfer stations: NH Regs. Env-Sw 407.05

Waste in-transit storage areas: NH Regs. Env-Sw 408.06

Septage haulers:

Definitions: NH Regs. Environmental-Water Quality and Quantity Programs (Env-Wq) 1602.20 and NH Regs. Env-Wq 1602.36

Permits: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1603.03

Application for permits: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.01 and NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.02

Fees: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.05

Vehicle identification: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.07

Adding or replacing a vehicle: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.10

Tank and hose maintenance: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.08

Septage transportation: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.09

Records and reporting: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.11 and NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.12

Accidental releases: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1605.13

Septage holding tanks: NH Regs. Env-Wq 1606.01 to 1606.17

Sludge haulers:

Definitions: NH Regs. Env-Wq 802.01 to 802.42

Permits: NH Regs. Env-Wq 804.01, NH Regs. Env-Wq 804.06, and NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.01 to 805.03

Notification of changes: NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.09

Fees: NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.04

Vehicle and container identification: NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.06

Maintenance requirements: NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.07

Transportation requirements: NH Regs. Env-Wq 805.08

Recordkeeping and ...

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