Arizona Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Arizona Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste law and regulations: Arizona Revised Statutes (AZ Rev. Stat.) 49-701 to 49-881 and regulations at Arizona Administrative Code Rules (AZ Admin. Code R) 18-13-201 to 18-13-2703

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Definition of solid waste: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-701.01

Facility plans:

Solid waste facility plan applicability and content: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762, AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.03, AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-701, AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-1410, and AZ Rev. Stat. 49-770

Solid waste facility plan application review process: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.04

Plan review fees: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.03, AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-702(A), and AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-2703

Plan amendments: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.06

General Permits: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762(B), AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-801, and AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802

Landfills at mining operations: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(A)

Authorized and prohibited materials: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(B)

Authorization to operate the landfill: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(C) to R 18-13-802(E)

Restrictions: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(G)

Operation requirements: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(H)

Records and reporting: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-802(H) to R 18-13-802(J)

Solid waste facilities subject to best management practices (BMPs): AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.02 and AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.07(F)

Financial assurance: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-761(J) and AZ Rev. Stat. 49-770

Self-certification: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.01, AZ Rev. Stat. 49-762.05, and AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-501

Facility inspections: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-763


General permit fees: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-801

Landfill registration fees: AZ Admin. Code R 18-13-2103

Disposal fees: AZ Rev. Stat. 49-836

Landfill design and operation:

Municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs): AZ Rev. Stat. 49-761(B) and AZ Admin. ...

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