Arkansas Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Arkansas Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste laws: Arkansas Solid Waste Management Act, Arkansas Code Annotated (AR Code Ann.) 8-6-201 to 8-6-223 and the Solid Waste Management and Recycling Fund Act (SWMRFA), AR Code Ann. 8-6-601 to 8-6-614

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Solid waste regulations: Arkansas Regulation (AR Reg.) 22.22.101 to 22.22.1602 and AR Reg. 22 Appendix 1 to AR Reg. 22 Appendix 3

Regional and local solid waste management systems: AR Reg. 22.22.201 to 22.22.206

Permit application procedures: AR Reg. 22.22.301 to 22.22.309

Waste tire requirements: AR Reg. 14.14.101 to 14.14.1802

Class 1 landfill requirements: AR Reg. 22.22.401 to 22.22.432

Class 3 landfill requirements: AR Reg. 22.22.501 to 22.22.533

Class 4 landfill requirements: AR Reg. 22.22.601 to 22.22.627

Special materials requirements: AR Reg. 22.22.701 to 22.22.708

Composting facilities: AR Reg. 22.22.801 to 22.22.810

Transfer stations: AR Reg. 22.22.901 to 22.22.907

Construction and demolition (C&D) recovery facilities and material recycling facilities: AR Reg. 22.22.1001 to 22.22.1007

Groundwater monitoring and corrective action: AR Reg. 22.22.1201 to 22.22.1208


Facilities and wastes accepted: AR Reg. 22.22.301, AR Reg. 22.22.302, AR Reg. 22.22.103(c), AR Reg. 22.22.102, and AR Reg. 22.22.704

Landfill permit application: AR Reg. 22.22.302 and AR Reg. 22.22.303

Waste tire permit: AR Reg. 14.14.901 and AR Reg. 14.14.301

Records and reports:

Class 1 landfills: AR Reg. 22.22.421 and AR Reg. 11.11.206

Class 3 and Class 4 landfills: AR Reg. 22.22.520, AR Reg. 22.22.617, and AR Reg. 11.11.206

Composting facilities: AR Reg. 22.22.808

Transfer stations: AR Reg. 22.22.907

C&D recovery facilities and material recovery facilities: AR Reg. 22.22.1005(m)


Operator's license: AR Reg. ...

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