Florida Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Florida Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid (nonhazardous) waste law and rules: The 1988 Florida Solid Waste Management Act, Florida Statutes (FS) 403.702 to 403.7193, FS 403.75 to 403.769, and regulations at Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 62-701 to 62-709, FAC 62-711, FAC 62-716, and FAC 62-722

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Solid waste management facilities: FAC 62-701.100 to 62-701.900

Solid waste combustor ash management: FAC 62-702.300 to 62-702.600

Construction and demolition debris disposal and recycling rules: FAC 62-701.730

Waste tire rules: FAC 62-711.300 to 62-711.801

Forms for solid waste facilities: FAC 62-701.900

Overview: FAC 62-701.220

Definitions: FAC 62-701.200 and FAC 62-709.201

Classes of landfills: FAC 62-701.340(2)

Classes of waste: FAC 62-701.200

Prohibited wastes: FAC 62-701.300 and FAC 62-711.400(3)

Facility permits and operations:

Solid waste management facilities: FAC 62-701.320

Solid waste landfills: FAC 62-701.320, FAC 62-701.330, and FAC 62-701.500

Solid waste processing facilities: FAC 62-701.710

Waste tire facilities: FAC 62-711.300, FAC 62-711.400, FAC 62-711.500, FAC 62-711.520 to 62-711.550, and FAC 62-711.801

Registration: FAC 62-709.320

Fees: FAC 62-701.315 and FAC 62-4.050(4)(j)

Financial assurance:

Solid waste landfills: FAC 62-701.630

Solid waste processing facilities: FAC 62-701.710(7)

Waste tire facilities: FAC 62-711.500(3)

Training of operators of solid waste management facilities: FAC 62-701.320(15)

Emergency preparedness: FAC 62-701.320(16), FAC 62-701.500(2)(b), and FAC 62-701.710(2)(g)

Regulatory Agency

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Waste Management Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Management Section

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