Iowa Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Iowa Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid (nonhazardous) waste law and rules: Code of Iowa (IA Code) 455B.301 to 455B.316 and regulations at Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 567-100.1(455B,455D) to 567-123.13(455B,455D, 455F)

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Recycling facility rules: IAC 567-106

Requirements for sanitary disposal projects with processing facilities: IAC 567-104(455B)

Solid waste facilities:

Definitions: IAC 567-100.2(455B,455D) and IA Code 455B.301

Solid waste comprehensive planning requirements: IAC 567-101.1(455B,455D) to 567-101.14(455B,455D)

Permits for municipal solid waste landfill facilities (MSWLFs): IAC 567-102.2(455B)

Financial assurance for MSWLFs: IAC 567-113.14(455B)

Tonnage fees: IAC 567-101.14(455B,455D)

Wastes prohibited at MSWLFs: IAC 567-113.8(1)(455B)

MSWLF required plans: IAC 567-113.8(4)(455B) and IAC 567-113.8(5)(455B)

Operator training and certification: IAC 567-113.8(6)(455B) and IAC 567-104.25(455B)

Composting facilities: IAC 567-105.1(455B,455D) to 567-105.15(455B,455D)

Permit-by-rule operations: IAC 567-105.1(2)b.(455B,455D)

Exemptions: IAC 567-105.2(455B,455D)

Records and reports: IAC 567-105.4(6)(455B,455D), IAC 567-105.5(4)(455B,455D), IAC 567-105.11(455B,455D), and IAC 567-105.12(455B,455D)

Disposal of special wastes:

Definition of special wastes: IAC 567-109.3(455B,455D)

Special waste authorizations: IAC 567-109.1(455B,455D) to 567-109.11(455B,455D)

Landfill responsibilities: IAC 567-109.7(455B,455D)

Generator responsibilities: IAC 567-109.8(455B,455D)

Infectious waste: IAC 567-109.9(455B,455D)

Waste tires: IAC 567-117.1(455B,455D) to 567-117.8(455B,455D)

Definitions: IAC 567-117.2(455B,455D) and IAC 567-117.5(2)(455B,455D)

Disposal of waste tires: IAC 567-109.10(3)(455B,455D) and IAC 567-117.3(455B,455D)

Storage and processing of ...

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