Kansas Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Kansas Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid (nonhazardous) waste laws and rules: Kansas Statutes Annotated (KS Stat. Ann.) 65-3401 to 65-3427 and regulations at Kansas Administrative Regulations (KAR) 28-29-2 to 28-29-2201

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Standards for solid waste processing facilities: KAR 28-29-23 and KAR 28-29-25

Standards for solid waste transfer stations: KAR 28-29-23a

Definitions: KS Stat. Ann. 65-3402, KS Stat. Ann. 65-3424, KAR 28-29-3, and KAR 28-29-28

Storage of solid waste by generators: KAR 28-29-21

Collection and transportation of solid waste: KAR 28-29-22

Permit requirement: KS Stat. Ann. 65-3407 and KS Stat. Ann. 65-3407c

Municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs): KAR 28-29-23 and KAR 28-29-100 to 28-29-121

Location restrictions for MSWLFs: KAR 28-29-102

Small landfill exemption: KAR 28-29-103

Design standards: KAR 28-29-104

Operating requirements: KAR 28-29-108

Fees for solid waste facilities:

Tonnage fees: KAR 28-29-85 and KS Stat. Ann. 65-3415b

Permit fees: KAR 28-29-84


MSWLFs: KAR 28-29-108

Disposal areas and processing facilities: KAR 28-29-23(f)

Transfer stations: KAR 28-29-23a(c)(18) to 28-29-23a(c)(20)

Waste tire facilities: KAR 28-29-31a(c) and KAR 28-29-30(d)(1)(A)

Financial assurance: KAR 28-29-2101 to 28-29-2201

Closure and post-closure: KAR 28-29-2101

Corrective action: KAR 28-29-2102

Financial mechanism: KAR 28-29-2103 to 28-29-2201

Corrective action: KAR 28-29-2102

Insurance for solid waste disposal areas and processing facilities: KAR 28-29-2201

Special waste:

Definition: KAR 28-29-3

Disposal: KAR 28-29-109

Petroleum-contaminated soil: KAR 28-29-109(d)

Asbestos waste: KAR 28-50-1 to 28-50-14

Medical service waste: KAR 28-29-27

Waste tires: KAR 28-29-28 to 28-29-33

Permits: KAR 28-29-30

Storage: KAR 28-29-31

Disposal and processing: ...

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