Louisiana Solid Waste regulations & environmental compliance analysis

Louisiana Solid Waste: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Solid waste management laws:

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Solid Waste Recycling and Reduction Law, Louisiana Revised Statutes (LRS) 30:2411 to 30:2423 Louisiana Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Law, LRS 30:2151 to 30:2162

Louisiana Environmental Quality Act, LRS 30:2001 to 30:2043

Solid waste management rules: Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) 33:VII.101 to 33:VII.11103

Minor processing and disposal facilities: LAC 33:VII.719 to 33:VII.725

Definitions: LAC 33:VII.115

Types of solid waste facilities: LAC 33:VII.405

Notification: LAC 33:VII.401 and LAC 33:VII.501.B

Permits: LAC 33:VII.509 to 33:VII.523

Applicability, content, and conditions: LAC 33:VII.509 and LAC 33:VII.513

Permit exemptions: LAC 33:VII.301, LAC 33:VII.303, LAC 33:VII.305, and LAC 33:VII.307

Nonpermitted facilities:

Generators: LAC 33:VII.501 and LAC 33:VII.503

Collection facilities: LAC 33:VII.507

Other facilities: LAC 33:VII.505 and LAC 33:VII.508


Application and modification fees: LAC 33:VII.1501

Closure plan review fees: LAC 33:VII.1503

Annual monitoring and maintenance fees: LAC 33:VII.1505


Construction and demolition (C&D) debris and wood-waste landfills: LAC 33:VII.115, LAC 33:VII.719, LAC 33:VII.721, LAC 33:VII.1303, and LAC 33:VII.1399

Type I and Type II landfills: LAC 33:VII.711

Financial assurance:

Overview: LAC 33:VII.1303 to 33:VII.1399

Closure and post-closure: LAC 33:VII.1303 and LAC 33:VII.1399

Corrective action: LAC 33:VII.1305

Personnel training: LAC 46:XXIII.101 to 46:XXIII.1509

Levels of operator certification: LAC 46:XXIII.913

Facility operator qualifications: LAC 46:XXIII.915

Certification process: LAC 46:XXIII.916

Continuing education: LAC 46:XXIII.1103.C.1

Recordkeeping: LAC 46:XXIII.1103.C.3

Reporting and records:

Annual ...

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